[VII] Desert Spectre

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Top 10 WvW Guilds of 2017

[VR] Violent Resolution (congrats, HUNK PIP LORD)
[TBT] The Black Tides
[tRex] Leg Day Every Day
[KEK] Jet Fuel Cänt Melt Dank Memes
[BoRP] Bunch Of Random Players
[TDS] The Desert Squad (but when will the camels return to CD?)
[RED] Echoes Of Blood And Fire
[Hate] I Hate Everything (bullyfoot, we know you tried)
[RF] Relax and Have Fun
[MGR] Ma Gu Ri

"Honorable" Mendons

[DOLO] Drunk On Listerine Only

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In preparation for Path of Fire, our guild has prepared a list of what we felt were the biggest, baddest, cheesiest shitters in WvW. Our rigorous voting system was developed internally with proprietary rights. Thus they cannot be shared or copied. For all future WvWers, behold and find your place among these guilds! We suggest you bring your best core arrow cart, catapult, canon, and charr bike builds and prepare for trial by fire from the top guilds. If they ever question your WvW ability, you remind them you were a GvG player circa 2002 and you are familiar with the best wet noodle tactics rotating in a circular motion. Best of luck future WvWers! Welcome to NA WvW!